Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kimmie and Steve Visit from Miami!

Oh, silly Steve and his cell phone. Look at the nerds in the Favre jerseys. The four of us had a fun day of 'spreading cheer', as Jason and Steve say, at the mall. This is Jason and Steve's tradition and they decided to let us come this year. We picked six names for children who are looking for a special gift. I picked a tag for a 10 year old girl who only asked for 'A Happy Xmas'. It was fun to shop for gifts, especially in the kids section at Barnes and Noble. I got her a Ramona Quimby and Judy Blume book---it's great to still see the classics!

A few days later we went to State Street Brats to see the Bears beat the Packers! For some reason Anne was the only happy one of the group. Kimmie and Anne had fun posing with the cows.

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