Sunday, January 4, 2009

Basement So Far

Jason has been busy finishing the basement. He hung the dry wall, mudded, sanded, painted, did the electrical work and put the baseboards on. A lot of people want to know how he knows how to do all of this. The answer? He read a book. Don't worry, we have a professional coming in to do the drop ceiling and set up the HVAC. Then we'll have an inspector check it out so we are compliant with our permit. The cutest part is the little cat door he put on---with crown molding around the opening and a little piece of carpet for comfort. Adorable.

In case you are wondering, Anne helped by doing a little mudding and sanding, painted the red wall and moving the couches in.

1 comment:

Shana said...

I want to see the little door for the kitties.
The red wall looks great, nice paint job, Anne!