Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Quest for the Best Fish Fry in Madison

Last night Buddha, Jason and I went to Toby's Super Club on the East Side. Their cod was ranked 2nd best fish fry in the Top 10 - Fish fry, period ranking on Second to none only than Esquire Club's ocean perch, my favorite!

We walked in at 8 pm and it was packed. Cars were lined up on the street and as you can see this isn't a big place. I circled the bar, barely getting by all the people, and asked the bartender where we put our name in. Buddha and Jason had already figured this out....a waitress walked up to them, took our order, and said she would find us when a table was available. I have heard of a system like this! I didn't understand how they could keep track of who was first but smart Buddha pointed out that each waitress has a section. After 50 minutes of watching the guys drink Miller Lites, we were seated. Our first course (salads) were waiting for us along with a basket of rolls. Once we were finished they brought out the fish and a baked potato (Anne), hash browns with a melted Kraft single on top (Buddha) and fries (Jason.) The price? $10.95 for three pieces of cod (or 2 pieces for $8.95).

Now this is hardly the same deal as $8.95 for all you eat fish at Esquire Club but I was really liked it. I was impressed by the batter--not too rich, just perfect--and the cod was delicious. And I don't normally like cod!
Next on the schedule? Green Acres, St. Peters Church and Stamm House.

Top 10 - Fish fry, period. (from
1. Ocean Perch at Kavanaugh's Esquire Club
2. Cod at Toby's
3. Haddock at Fitzgerald's
4. Bluegill at Toby's
5. Cod at Avenue Bar
6. Haddock at Green Acres
7. Cod at Saint Peter's Catholic Church
8. Lake Perch at Old Fashioned
9. Lake Perch at Kavanaugh's Esquire Club
10. Ocean Perch at Stamm House

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